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Pharmacy Services


What is it?

MedsCheck is a free 20–30 minute private consultation with a pharmacist to review all the medication you take, including any non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications and natural health products.
If you have any questions concerning your current therapy, including:

  • Am I taking too many medications? 

  • Is my medication causing side effects? 

  • Is my medication working?

  • Are there interactions with my therapy?

  • How or when should I take my medication?

  • Is there anything more I can do to improve my quality of life?

Then we encourage you to speak to your pharmacist about initiating the MedsCheck program so we can help you reach the healthiest version of yourself.

Who qualifies for a MedsCheck?

Ontario residents with a valid Ontario Health Card who are taking at least 3 prescription medications for chronic conditions qualify for MedsCheck.

MedsCheck for Diabetes: If you are living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, you also qualify for an annual MedsCheck that includes: training on the use of diabetic devices and supplies, as well as education and advice on lifestyle changes.

What if I am physically unable to make it to the pharmacy?

If you are unable to visit your local pharmacy due to a physical or mental health condition, you may qualify for the MedsCheck at Home program.


Compliance Packaging

What is it?

Compliance packaging - also known as blister packs, bubble packs, Dispill packaging, dosettes, or weekly packs - is great for patients of all ages and medical needs. Instead of receiving your prescription medications in a pill bottle, our pharmacy staff will package your medication into weekly cards with each drug put into a time slot. We do this at no extra cost to you, the patient.

Each blister pack card has 28 "bubbles" in a 4 x 7 grid, representing a Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Bedtime dose routine for 7 days. The packs follow labelling requirements and include the names of each medication, dosage instructions, and are labelled with the appropriate patient information. 
We prepare 4 weeks, a full 28 days or 1 month, of medication at a time. This makes it easier for patients to take all of their medications, at the appropriate times, without second-guessing a missed dose. This helps the patient remain compliant with their medication routine. 

Am I Able to Use Compliance Packaging?

Anyone is able to take advantage of this free service we offer to our patients. We are happy to package your medication, whether you take 1 pill a day or 14 different prescriptions. 
Blister packs can give you the confidence of knowing you have taken the required medication for the day. 

How Can I Start Using Compliance Packaging?

Simply stop into the pharmacy and speak with one of our pharmacists! 
Some of the information we will require:

  • Which medications are to be placed in packs

  • Time of day each medication is taken

  • Any additional vitamins or supplements

    • Yes, we can put these inside your blister packs as well

  • Pickup or Free Delivery each month

    • We can also arrange for weekly, or bi-weekly if preferred​

We would be happy to bring you onto our ever-growing list of happy patients who receive compliance packaging on a monthly basis. ​​​


and Flu Shots

Flu season is a contagious virus that typically is at its peak between late fall and early spring. Orchardview Pharmacy offers free annual flu vaccinations for all Ontario residents ages 5 and older. The Flu Vaccine is safe for kids and women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding.

Speak to our pharmacy staff about getting your flu shot and protect yourself and your loved ones this year.

We also offer vaccinations to provide protection from, but not limited to, Hep A/B, Typhoid, Shingles etc.

Speak to your pharmacy staff about our vaccination services.


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