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Healthy Legs

Do your legs swell? Do you have sore or achy legs at the end of the day?

Compression stockings may help you!

What are compression stockings?

They are elastic compression garments worn on the legs or arms. They compress the limb helping with the prevention of venous disorders such as edema, phlebitis, and thrombosis. Compression stockings come in different strengths; they are measured in mmHg which means Millimeter of mercury. mmHG is used for measuring pressure and is also used when you have your blood pressure checked. Compression socks come in two categories

1.) Over the counter compression stockings come in 15-20 mmHg

2.) Anything higher than 20 mmHg, a prescription from a doctor is needed

Before purchasing a pair of socks, you should see your doctor to find out if stockings will work for you. Discuss with your doctor the reason you have soreness or swelling in your legs. Stockings do not work for everyone, and some people have contraindications that prevent wearing them. If your doctor is in agreement, compression stockings can be a great alternative to medication!

The Science Behind it All!

Did you know that you have a pseudo-2nd heart pumping blood through your legs?

When walking; Your calf muscles contract, sending blood to your heart, then relaxes, and the vein valves close to prevent the blood flow from going back down. If the valves don’t close it can create reverse blood flow, which results in whats known as "pooling" and can cause an increased pressure that weakens vein walls. This is called venous disease. Leg pain, heaviness and/or tired legs can be some early signs of venous disease.

Should I Wear Compression Stockings?

There are many different reasons for wearing compression stockings, including:

- Relieve tired legs

- Improve circulation

- Reduce swelling

- Reduce the risk of a blood clot

- Reduce the risk of and prevention of venous and lymphatic disease

- Improve leg sensation

- Decrease varicose veins

- Heal ulcers

- Improve performance

- Reduce the risk of injury and faster recovery

Compression stockings are also worn by:

- Pregnant women - to decrease the chance of blood clots

- Travellers - to decrease the chance of blood clots, particularly when flying

- Runners - to increase performance

- People who sit or stand all day at work - to decrease swelling, and ease achy/tired legs

Available Options for Your Everyday Needs

Our Over the Counter and prescription pairs of stockings come in many different sizes and

styles. You can even choose between solid or patterned colors that we have available. 15-20 mmHg stockings are measured by your shoe size, while prescription 20 mmHG and up stockings are measured in our fitting rooms. We will take a few measurements of each leg to determine the size and style that is appropriate for your needs. We also will ask a few questions to determine the perfect pair for you!

Do you dress up for work? Maybe a dress sock or nylons will work for your day-to-day outfit.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Maybe a heavier, more cushioned sock will work for you.

Do you work out or enjoy running? A sport sock will help you with recovery.

There are many options to look at.

Here at Orchardview Pharmacy, we stock three different vendor socks, Juzo, Jobst and Sigvaris.

These are the three top vendors in compression stockings available across North America.

Come visit our store and check out our selection and new fitting room!!


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